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Doctors and staff who create a warm, friendly environment


At BRIGHTSTARTS PEDIATRICS our goal is to create an environment where children feel welcome and parents feel confident in our care. We believe in families and doctors making healthcare decisions together. The doctors, nurses and staff at Brightstarts Pediatrics are dedicated to helping your child grow and thrive. We strive to help them enjoy their childhood, while preparing their minds and bodies for adulthood. As we all know, children are not just “little adults” and caring for them is quite different than caring for grown ups. As pediatricians, we devote our training and careers to the care of children, and thus, are uniquely qualified to deliver medical care to this age group.

We are a small staff of pediatric providers, who combined have more than 30 years of experience in pediatric care. Experience first hand our compassionate care of your child applying the highest standards of care with expansive medical knowledge. Schedule your appointment today!

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P: 256-461-8442

Our Services

There is no substitute for experience in the medical field. With over 30 years of experience providing compassionate care your trust your child to knowledgeable caring hands at Brightstarts Pediatrics. 

Same Day Appointments!

Your child's health is of the highest priority to us. We know how  parents feel when their child is ill and will get your child into see a provider the same day for acute illness. 

24-hour phone coverage!

Newborn Care

Babies are the most precious gift. We will be there every step of the way to help you take care of this precious child. Dr. Jain is on staff at Huntsville Hospital and can check on your babies health from the moment your child is born!

Going home with your precious child can be scary. We are here to help. 

Newborn Care Manual

Recent News

Pediatricians say no to wearable smartphone baby monitors.

Well-child and Health Supervision

We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics well child visit schedule outlined as follows:

Well Child Exam by Age

1 Week-Jaundice check, weight check, feeding issues, metabolic screening,newborn vaccines (if needed), parent vaccines (if needed)

1 Month-Weight check, physical exam, vaccines (if needed)

2 Months-Physical exam, growth and development, vaccines 

4 Months-Physical exam, growth and development, vaccines 

6 Months-Physical exam, growth and development, vaccines 

9 Months-Physical exam, growth and development, finger stick (hemoglobin), vaccines (if needed)

12 Months-Physical exam, growth and development, TB skin test (if needed), vaccines 

15 Months-Physical exam, growth and development, vaccines 

18 Months-Physical exam, growth and development, vaccines (if needed)

2 Years-Physical exam, growth and development, lead screening (if needed), vaccines (if needed)

3 Years-Physical exam, growth and development, TB skin test (if needed)

4 Years & Older-Physical exam, growth and development, vaccines

Annual check-up recommended, and if needed may include finger stick (hemoglobin), urinalysis, and/or vision/hearing screening.


Immunizations are a proven way of preventing the most common, serious communicable diseases of childhood. In accordance with the guidelines established through the American Academy of Pediatrics and the United States Public Health Service, we feel every child should receive these important vaccines. Our office accepts patients that are immunized and or working towards being fully immunized within the recommended intervals.

Vaccine Education Center

Vaccine Schedule

Specializing in ADD and ADHD treatment

Ellie Tsikalas, CRNP

Sports, school and camp physicals

Brightstarts Pediatrics is committed to children's physical health, & keeping them active.  Sports participation teaches leadership and cooperative skills that have a lifelong impact. In addition, as the obesity pandemic worsens, organized sports participation and unstructured play or physical exercise can be a source of needed physical activity for children and adolescents. The pediatrician often is asked to evaluate a child's or adolescent's suitability for sports participation. The purpose of this evaluation has remained constant since it was first described in 1978. (1)(2) The goals are to fulfill the institution's legal and liability requirements, provide some assurance to coaches that athletes will start the season at an acceptable level of health and fitness, provide an opportunity to discover treatable conditions, and aid in predicting and preventing future injuries.

Sports Physical Form

Minor injury treatment

Sprain or Fracture?

Because children are more likely to break a bone than suffer a sprain, it is important to check with your child's healthcare provider if your child complains of a lot of pain, especially if it is over an area of bone. Children are still growing. Fractures that happen through the growth centers need to be followed closely.

According to the AAP, the signs and symptoms of sprains in young children can be quite similar to those for a fracture. They can include:

      * Pain

      * Swelling around the joint

      * Inability to walk, bear weight, or use the joint

Acute and chronic illness care

Our providers have extensive training and experience in handling all manners of pediatric problems including acute illnesses and chronic issues like asthma, allergies, eczema, etc.

Treatments and removal of minor skin lesions performed at Brightstarts Pediatrics.

        - Suture removal

        -  Ingrown Toenail Removal

        - Plantar Wart Treatment

        - Drainage of Minor Abscess's

        - Skin Tag removal

        - Wart Removal

        - Pap Smears

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Ear Piercing services to the patients of our practice.


                               $50 only!

                Schedule your piercing today !!

           Pediatric Ear Piercing Facts & FAQs 



We're a team of dedicated individuals who love what we do. Contact us to learn more!

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